July 2nd

I review photos from the two years spent in Seoul and make spaghetti and try to figure out our plans for Independence Day. Amanda and Tyson are setting up a tent for Ty’s work at the 4th of July Skate Art Jam. They’re a fun, talented couple I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through Karen and Brett, another amazing couple I worked for while in college. A couple who encouraged me to teach in Korea and taught me the brilliance of raw selvage denim.

These married couples inspire me. To laugh, to love, to hold, and to cherish. (I went there) Seriously. They’ve been through situations thicker than the Southern humidity- A Streetcar Named Desire comes to mind- and made it out alive and better, wiser, and happier than before. It comforts me to believe Fred and I can go through hell and high water too. Like we did this weekend. Our fireworks were a little earlier this year.

Today Fred aids his fever by alternating his time between naps and readings of Steven King’s Different Seasons. I review photos from the two years in Seoul and eat leftovers and think about plans.

Baby shower plans for Caroline. Future wedding plans for Christine. Grad school plans for Fred. My plans for….


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