Years of sifting through thrift stores have honed my focus for this year’s swimsuit search.  Reading numerous articles on the right suit to emphasize my lady parts, I abandoned it all for a potential camel toe. Mostly because of my love of orange. Sold by the use of organic materials and sustainable methods. That or the freckled model.


Happy New Year

Recently been reflecting on the moments that made 2012 bearable. (Thanks Instagram for making memory lane more tangible.) That to me says that 2013 is the one year to rule them all- it’s the dawning of the age of Aquarius. It’s irresistible to defy the stars and the galactic alignment so I am going all in. I am making new years resolution and not secretly pretending that I am not as to not be judged about my slow or no or crappy progress. Haters gon hate. 

Serenity now

Serenity now

And as lame as it sounds, if not already, I found truth in a car repair marquee today. The difference between the person you want to be and who you are now is what you do.

Now I realize this was a mental tease and most recent urgency for my serious resolutions-making. And now in the words of the queen Aaliyah:

breaking even

In order to accept my fugue years (2009, the year I graduated college to late 2011), I have to say learning about neuroplasticity and participating in the rebirth of Atlanta as a commitment, and basically a requirement of my job, has made transition into adulthood a bit more pleasant and satisfying. Well, that and Walt and Jesse.

Veni Vidi Vici

Fred and I have checked off every rookie mistake when grocery shopping- letting too much food spoil and going without intention to name a couple. When I came to a home void of food Monday afternoon, I knew I had to face the challenge of Kroger (on Tuesday). A short phone discussion with Fred, an hour, and $137 and some change later, I succeeded an undertaking that is often regarded as “not a big deal.” But for me, it was. The ingenuity of pre-planning meals! The flexibility of breakfast choices and healthy snacks! My realization of this at 26! I commend those who conquer their shopping lists and food aisles when trying to fill pantries and hungry stomaches. Next challenge: Doing that under $50.

And now onto dinner…

Red quinoa previously bought at the farmer’s market and helped me create a delicious stir-fry. Leftovers for a light lunch.

And thanks to Kristen’s European travels, tonight’s dinner will feature her gift of special Hungarian paprika: Roast Chicken Breasts with Chickpeas, Tomatoes, and Paprika.

Sometimes I think life is hard.

Hello world!

I conjured up a dash of Portland donut magic to start a blog returning inspired from the 2012 NAREA summer conference. I am fortunate to be a part of this community of thinkers and dancers… and eaters. After a day of reflecting on the exploded parts of my brain, I am ready to get back to work.